Almost a year ago now, I was in conversation with a friend of mine, who also happens to be a coach. She asked me how I knew when coaching has worked, which was simply a great question to ask, one I had to give real thought to answer.
We’re often unaware of the real impact of coaching on our coachee’s goals, as these may only be achieved months after the coaching relationship has finished. Therefore, we rely on feedback, either from the client or our inner critic (or supporter!). 
My friend knew that I spent a lot of time chatting with other coaches and had built up a decent size network over the past ten years, so she wondered what they might say.
It all started with a simple request to a selected few, but it soon became clear this was too big a question to keep contained within my close network. So, I started to post it on forums, share it on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, hoping to get a response from a few coaches around the world.
Slowly at first, and then gathering a life of it’s own, hundreds of tweets and emails from all over the globe landed from people willing to give me the benefit of their wisdom.
The response was so immense, I decided to pull together a selection of these responses into a FREE illustrated, downloadable eBook.
At first, I sent it to out to people I knew. They liked it so much that copies were sent to their friends & colleagues, and then they sent them on to people they knew in L&D and HR.
Almost a thousand downloads later, the question is still very much alive and I continue to receive insights from those that have been inspired by it, as my friend and I had been when it all started.
So, I thought it was just about time to update it…and commit it to print!
It is likely to take me a couple of months until I’m ready to publish it, so you may want to claim your complimentary copy of the original eBook here.
Let me know what you think…and feel free to send me your answer, too!