As you visit the blog, you’ll notice that we’re having a makeover. We’re combining the website and blog, providing a one-stop place to find all of the usual stuff plus loads of new features to give the whole thing a ‘magazine’ feel. Take a look around and make sure you keep coming back over the next few weeks to check out the latest developments.
Meanwhile, here’s the top 5 articles published on MOC the Week for the past month, just in case you missed anything whilst we’ve been moving things around:

1. What Is Your Leadership Brand?

Recently, whilst clearing out some old files from my online library, I came across a piece of work on leadership behaviour that I had carried out over eight years ago that still appeared to be current.

At that time, I had been working with a senior team in the construction industry, specifically on their leadership brand, and had asked them to define leadership in the context of their organisation.
Over several sessions, I’d spent time with each member of the team asking them the question “what does leadership mean to you, within the context of your organisation?” {READ MORE]

2. What Direction Are You Talking?

Have you ever stopped to consider the direction in which you are focusing someone’s attention, simply by what you say and how you say it?
Recently, I’ve been working with a group of senior leaders who have unconsciously been mis-directing their team’s attention.
The first was telling me how her team were coming up with reasons and excuses for performance rather than specific actions for the coming week and month. As we chatted further, she slapped her forehead and exclaimed “Doh!” [READ MORE]

3. Managing In a Virtual World

Historically, management has been based on the workforce being located in the same place, all there at the same time and sharing a common culture. This has led to many of today’s managers believing it’s their job to control the workforce. 
However, the role of today’s manager is to lead others to manage themselves. After all, even if the traditional role of management is desirable, it simply isn’t practical when people are located all over the map! [READ MORE]

4. Make Sure Your Feedback Lands!

Can you remember what was written on your school reports?
Whenever I pose this question, it seems to summon up negative memories for most people. Hardly anyone remembers being praised or told they were doing really well.
Quite the contrary. Often people remember comments like “Anne is a quiet child” without thinking too hard and almost everyone remembers “could do better“! Now, answer this one… [READ MORE]

5. Next Time You’re Stuck…Think Like a Child!

When was the last time you skipped along the pavement, played hide and seek or climbed a tree? When was the last time you pulled on your wellies and jumped in puddles, kicked the autumn leaves gathering in the gutter or rolled in the freshly fallen snow?

If you are like most adults, I’m guessing it was probably quite a while ago? After all, these are silly things that only kids do, right?

Here is another question for you… [READ MORE]