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4 Mindsets for Successful Leadership Development

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Organizations worldwide spend billions on leadership development. But 75% of the organizations feel that their leadership development programs are not very effective. Why is it so? Why are the leadership development programs getting the desired results? This might be because most of the leadership development programs overlook the basic attribute that is the foundation of how leaders think, learn and behave – mindset. Both at the individual or team level, it is the right mindset that helps deliver the results.

In this Transformation Tuesday, let us look at the different leadership mindsets necessary for leadership development:

Open mindset

Mindset, where leaders are open to change and improvement. Even the best of the athletes, choose a skill and train themselves in the offseason assuming that the results will be positive and in favor of the team. Research shows that even basic readiness to change leads to positive results.

Aspirational Mindset

Leaders that are open to learn and improve are always driven by career growth opportunities. The leader always looks at upgrading skills and learning new things. Organizations should always link the aspirations of the leader with the vision of the organization. This will help both the leader and the organization to grow together. Leaders with an aspirational mindset are tenacious, flexible, collaborative and tend to work at higher levels.

Considerate Mindset

Leaders with considerate mindset collect information from all the sources and ensure that they think and act as ideally as possible. Leaders with such mindset are more successful as they are more neutral, more precise and more thoughtful in the decision-making process.

Winning Mindset

Leaders with a winning mindset focus on growth and win. They identify a specific goal or purpose and work towards achieving it. Leaders with a winning mindset are more open to change, ready to improve, they are optimistic and deliver high performance.

Organizations should have a better understanding of all the different mindsets and then tailor the leadership development programs around it to have the most effective leaders. Best of the organizations across the globe have been working on the above-mentioned mindsets to drive profitability and thus increase the organization’s market capital.

As John F. Kennedy said – “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”, so leaders adopt a mindset that will promote growth and sustainability for the organization.

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