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Accessing Head, Heart and Gut Intelligence

by | May 28, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you find yourself torn between your head and your heart when faced with some decisions? And how about your gut feeling, how often does your head and heart wrestle with that?

If this is a familiar experience, then here is an exercise you can use. It is designed to tap into the intelligence of your head, heart and gut to seek a more balanced and informed way to reach decisions that affect your life.

Firstly, take a few moment to recognise these parts of you. The head is your conscious mind, the part of you that makes judgements, analyses logically and computes solutions based on these.

The heart is the part of you that emits emotions, the full passion – love and hate. It can of course appear illogical and irrational to your conscious mind. And then there is the gut, the part of you where intuition resides. This is often the loudest part, yet can be mostly ignored by both your head and heart!

When faced with a problem or dilemma, it can be useful to check in with each of these, asking each one what their response is to the situation you face. Notice the difference and the similarity in the response you get.

Of course, you need to be open to what comes back, as it may be a feeling, a colour or some abstract response that you (your conscious mind) will not immediately draw meaning from. Oh, and be aware that your head will often jump right on in and give you what it thinks the other part is saying!

You can use these parts of you as an ecology check for any solutions you come up with, too. Check in with each one and have them rate your idea on a scale of 1 to 5 – where 1 is totally unsatisfactory and 5 is totally satisfactory.

Notice how each one rates the idea and then seek alternatives that will overcome any objections that are presented.

Making this a regular practice will help keep you in balance and avoid the wrestling!


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