Self-esteem is a fragile thing, even for really successful people. It is often dependent on job status or material wealth. Of course, in this life of constant change these things can be quickly affected by forces beyond our immediate control and this can have a damaging effect on our self-esteem. 
The first, and perhaps the most fundamental, step in building self-esteem is to accept the truth that change is constant and you can choose how to respond. 
Take responsibility for creating your own future and don’t allow yourself to be swept up in a current of unpredictably. 
Next, become curious about the boundaries you really have. Start to question and push the limits of your own self-imposed comfort zone. 
Comfort zones are like open prisons. They set limits and constrain choice. If you never break out, you will never know what you are truly capable of. Yet, comfort zones are just that – comfortable. It can take courage to step out from them. Set your aim beyond the current level of comfort, then find your ability to grow is dramatically enhanced!

Thirdly, lift your energy levels. With all three of these combined, you will have a sense of anything is possible!  
Call to Action:
  • What are your current comfort zones?
  • What limits do they place on you?
  • What can you possibly do to break free from these?
  • What are you truly capable of?
  • What can you do today to lift your energy levels?
  • What support do you require and from where will you seek it?