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What Does Peeling Bananas Have To Do With Peak Performance?

There are always new and better ways to take you beyond the mediocre of ‘okay‘ and reach peak performance. You simply haven’t noticed them…yet.

You Cannot, NOT Influence, So Do It With Purpose

We cannot NOT influence those around us! So, the real skill is in becoming a ‘conscious influencer‘. Notice how you influence and do it with purpose.

A Leader's Guide To Executive Coaching

For leaders about to embark on executive coaching, this article sets out a framework to get the very best from their coaching programme.

Presentations: It’s All About The Audience!

In any given moment, there are thousands of people giving presentations. Around 30 million presentations are estimated to take place across the world in any given day. Whilst many of these may be excellent, it is also fair to say that many are simply awful. It’s...