When I read or hear it said that someone is a good leader, I often wonder if there is any truth in it.

Do we really know what leadership is?

What is the difference between being a leader and being a manager?

How does a leader lead? How does a manager manage? And more importantly, how does this impact on the motivation and stress levels of those who lead or managed?

Some of the differences that separate the leader from the manager are shown below.

You are a leader if you…

  • can inspire and hold the confidence of the people you have authority over
  • can engage with them in such a manner that they will willingly want to do the job in the right way
  • have the skills to handle those around you in such a way that they will always be for you, at all times
  • have the ability to put people at ease
  • are able to deal with under performance in a way that does not cause hostility

Leaders have confidence and trust in their people. They believe in them, and importantly they let their people know that they believe in them.

Leaders give credit where credit is due – they do not seek all the credit themselves. Leaders hand out praise when it is deserved, sincerely and with appreciation.