How well do you know the people you work with? It’s a question that came to my mind as I gazed across the station platform at a poster for the London Olympics in 2012.

Leaders in the fast paced business environment are too often only focussed on the task or project at hand. At the extreme, this can lead to a superficial interest in people. Driven by haste, the nature of the task and a whole host of assumptions, it is easier for them to avoid getting to know the very people that are going to be needed to successfully deliver the task!

When I write ‘getting to know’, I mean REALLY getting to know them. What they like, what they dislike, what they want to achieve and what really interests them.

Paradoxically, by slowing down and taking a genuine interest in people, by listening to what they want, the ideas they have and treating them as adults, even better, longer lasting results can be achieved.

Go on….have a go!

*Inspired by an Olympic 2012 poster seen on the London Underground