Do You Value The Old Over The New?

Written By: Kevin Watson

February 21, 2013

Great ideas get stifled every day.
Some of our best ideas may never see the light of day because we lack confidence, we’ve been knocked down before or we just don’t know who to present it to.
However, most get rejected by people who value the old more than the new.
Now these people aren’t in a minority. They are not kill joys or a group of powerful conservatives that just want to keep the world ticking along as it has always done. 
No. It seems that we all have an implicit bias towards the status quo, particularly when times are uncertain – which is most of the time!
At a recent TEDx, David Burkus gave a great talk about Why Great Ideas Get Rejected. Take a look at the video:
So, our call to action this week is not to present our great idea, but instead be open to the great idea being presented without comparing to the old.

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