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Giving Valuable Feedback

by | May 7, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Providing feedback can be tough, but if you get the message across it can help build a more cohesive and capable team. 
As a leader, you have a responsibility toward your team to help them develop. That means you have to provide regular, valuable feedback. 
So, what is valuable feedback? 
First, here is what it’s not. Valuable feedback is not criticism, which has a negative connotation because it is so often generalised and personal. Valuable feedback is a targeted response to an individual’s action or behaviour that is intended to help them learn and is delivered from a place of respect.
Valuable feedback invites the individual receiving the feedback to shed light, share their perspective or provide a response. It does not blame, but presents a collaborative approach to problem-solving. 
Providing valuable feedback enables you to give honest, often tough, messages to those with whom we work. However, instead of insulting or alienating those who receive the feedback, it motivates them to  acknowledge a skill or competency deficiency, while feeling supported and respected.
Two of the most important factors influencing employee engagement are: “great boss,” and “feeling part of a team” (Hay Group Study on retention). Valuable feedback, because it is delivered out of respect and a genuine desire for the individual to improve, accomplishes both.
Providing feedback in this way, enables you to build the competency and cohesiveness of your team, while effectively managing performance issues. It also enables you to remain respected, well liked, and overall, considered “a great boss“.


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