Do you think conceptually?

Or are you busy fighting fires and trying to put them out?

If you are fighting fires and concentrating on the day to day running of the business, then ask yourself “is it REALLY your job?

If you consider it is your job, then what are your direct reports there for?

It may be time to THINK BIG!

Your role as leader is to set direction, vision and a path for the way ahead. Walking around the place with a fire blanket over your shoulder is not the role of an effective leader!

So, are you a PROACTIVE or REACTIVE leader?

Answer these few questions:

  • What do you do that makes you a proactive leader?
  • What do you do to innovate and stay ahead?
  • What do you do to anticipate problems, opportunities and new ways?
  • Or, do you sit back, let things happen and then formulate your plan?

In reality you may be a bit of both – proactive and reactive – but just take the time out to think about change that has happened in the past and changes planned for the future; have you been innovative or have you been following?