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How To Redesign Leadership Development: 6 Guiding Questions

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Redesigning leadership development programs should mean more than simply moving them online.

“Never let a crisis go to waste” is a somewhat cold but very wise saying. And I’ve been surprised at just how many heads of leadership development programs are using this unique time in our lives to proactively redesign their programs, even when they don’t have to. 

Last week I was on the phone with the CHRO of a company with 50,000 employees and I was puzzled at their timing.

“Your company is financially healthy, you moved your in-person classes to Zoom, the work-from-home rules will be relaxed very soon, your budget hasn’t been cut, why are you redesigning front-line manager training?”

“To make the program more agile and resilient for what’s to come,” she answered.

“And what do you think is coming?”

She replied, “We don’t know. And that’s the point. Work-from-home orders may come and go for the next year or longer until there is finally a vaccine or treatment. The economy may have a V-shaped recovery, or we may have a deep recession or even worse. And let’s be honest, how much of what we’ve been teaching our managers do they ever actually apply? We can do better, and we can be better prepared for the future.”

In times of uncertainty, it’s time to get agile and resilient. 

Agility: able to move and change directions quickly.

Resiliency: the capacity to recover quickly from new obstacles and setbacks.

Making your leadership training programs agile and resilient goes far beyond learning how to conduct training via Zoom. To truly create a world-class program, you can use the “5 Ws” framework originated by Aristotle and often taught in journalism classes. Of course, the 5 Ws stands for Who, What, Where, When, Why. And usually, there is a sixth element added, How.

Now is perhaps the best time to redesign your leadership development programs, if perhaps for no other reason than that senior leadership will understand the necessity for it; you will be able to capture their attention with your efforts to be agile and resilient. Use the classic 5 Ws and How to make sure you have thought through your new design, and can present it clearly.

Kevin Kruse is the CEO of LEADx, a remote leadership development platform that scales and sustains coaching down to front-line managers. Kevin is also the author of Great Leaders Have No Rules, 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, and Employee Engagement 2.0.

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