If I had a pound for every person that has come up to me and asked “I’ve got a problem but I can’t seem to find a solution – can you help me?” I’d be a very rich man!

In order to help a person with a problem, some questions need to be asked – but where do you start? Here are some tips to help others see the light.

Use a series of questions called the tunneling out technique. It’s called tunneling technique because it is designed to help people with their tunnel vision and to help them remove the blinkers from their problem or challenge. Here goes:

  1. Discover the Context – questions about the problem

    What’s the problem here?
  2. Discover the Vision – questions about the desired outcome

    What do you really want?
  3. Set and Specify Expectations – questions to obtain evidence

     How will you know when you have achieved what you want?
  4. Investigate Avenues of Help – questions to identify resources that can help

    What skills, resources, expertise etc do you already have which will help you achieve your outcome?
  5. Options Available – questions to explore what is possible

     What are your options?
    Q What else could you do?
    Q How else might you be able to achieve what you want?

This is a really useful technique, providing structure to your conversation – try it out for yourself!