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The Ten Things You Need To Know To Lead Change Effectively

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The Ten Things You Need To Know To Lead Change Effectively

Jul 5, 2018Uncategorized

Kevin Watson

Kevin Watson

Director & Lead Coach

The fundamental role of leaders is to lead change, helping their teams and organisations to navigate the turbulent waters of a VUCA world.

It is accepted that change is now constant and all senior leaders need to develop strength in behaviours to help them lead change effectively.

But even the best of us, when faced with this constant change, will feel daunted and even overwhelmed. The good news is that it doesn’t need to be that way.

As with most things, breaking down the immensity of it all into smaller, more manageable chunks can make it better.

The same can be true of the behaviours needed to lead change.

To develop effective leadership behaviour that will help you, your people and the organisation through change, take a look at each of these ten things and score yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, where “1” is weak and “5” is strong:

1. Communicate Well

Being open in conversation with people and encouraging them to find collaborative solutions to change.

2. Have A Clear Vision

Understanding where the business is going and engaging with people to help them envisage the future.

3. Be Consistent

Delivering every activity within a change programme in a fair, trusted and honest way…with no exceptions!

4. Build Great Rapport

Sowing the seeds early by building close relationships with all the people that matter.

5. Be Trusted

People knowing you care and doing the best you can for the good of as many as possible.

The business environment is continually changing and a leader must respond in kindanon

6. Plan Well

Deciding the best way forward after considering all the options, checking what will and what won’t work…with no surprises!

7. Disciplined Approach

Sticking to the process and timescales for changes to be made.

8. Stick to Your Guns

Not shifting from the agreed goals, whatever pressures you face.

9. Treat People Well

Honouring people as humans, treating them with respect and dignity even through tense and stressful times.

10. Focus on the Goal

Making decisions based on creating value, using that very objectively to guide your way.

Call to Action

How well do you lead change now?

How do you measure up to the ten things needed to lead change effectively?

More importantly, which of these is your strength and which do you need to exercise more?


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