What is your purpose, your mission?

Great leaders know where they want to take their followers. They have a clearly defined sense of purpose and direction, and they share it.

How has your mission been put into words?

Often, the simpler the mission is defined, the better! For example, the Jamie Oliver Foundation has a mission to “educate and empower as many people as possible to love and enjoy good food“.

Once you have defined your purpose, make sure you tell everyone in your team. Once the context has been clearly set, people can start to work out their own way of achieving it.

Of course, whatever your mission you must believe in it…

When you communicate with belief & passion in your heart, other people will recognise it and make your mission their mission.

So, what is your mission? How do you communicate this with your team?

And, what more can you do to capture the imagination of others with your mission?