Last year, we held a number of Leadership themed Walk & Talks through London’s Royal Parks and these were so successful that we have made plans to run more this year with the same clients.
Recently, we have been wondering if we have been keeping this new way of coaching too much to ourselves and now wish to introduce Walk & Talks to a wider community, maybe in the form of an open session for managers from different organisations or even as smaller ‘taster’ sessions over the lunch time period.

So, this week we have been putting together a two page brochure for those people who are interested in trying this different approach to development and we would appreciate your thoughts on (a) the Walk & Talk idea and (b) the brochure (e.g. does it give you all the information you would need, does it inspire you & capture your interest, etc.). 

Of course, any ideas or help you offer will be appreciated and if you are interested in finding out more, either to help organise a Walk & Talk for your organisation or take to take part, then please get in contact with us.

Thank you