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Mindset Matters: Leadership Tools For Change In Difficult Times

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In these moments of uncertainty, this should not be a time for failure of imagination but rather a period where leadership can mobilize to embrace a new way of thinking and develop new standards and ideals for envisioning what the workplace of the future will look like.  It is of the utmost importance that corporate leadership possess the tools needed to not only transform workforce culture but provide a functional design that offers organizations the ability to hone new skills while becoming more accomplished strategic thinkers and more effective long-range planners. To reach these lofty goals leadership needs a toolkit that offers them the ability to articulate these new concepts to first, create a system to optimize remote work, secondly, have the skills to be highly attuned to the needs of employees to create a steady foundation for forwarding momentum for the organization. 

With this new organizational toolkit, leadership will find the means to tackle the challenges ahead in these uncertain times. It is crucial to recognize that mental health and the awareness of invisible disabilities are the primary drivers for this toolkit and lay the groundwork for establishing the overall framework for this mechanism of change.  As organizations are scrambling to modify their business operations to both survive and stay afloat in this new normal tackling the nuances and complexity of human behavior is often not emphasized enough. The toolkit allows leaders to recalibrate and focus on the areas that are needed and imagine the possibilities. Let’s take a deeper dive into this toolkit and uncover some of the secrets that are critical to more effective corporate leadership in the reality of a post-pandemic world.  

The Toolkit

One of the most critical components of the toolkit is the ability for leadership to stay focused on the changing nature of the environment.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has changed at such an abrupt pace that entire organizations are rushing to catch their breaths and figure out the status of things.  Leadership needs to be hypervigilant that their ability to help shape the corporate environment is vital to the long-term success and viability of there organization. Corporate leaders must establish a protocol for remote workers to not only feel safe and healthy but are simultaneously providing them the confidence that a foundation is being developed for the next phase when people begin to return to work. 

Another critical element that is essential for this toolkit is for leadership to be mindful of balance. As organizations are embracing a new normal and the remote worker is realizing that the lines between work-life and home life are becoming more blurred leadership has to be cognizant and attentive to employee’s wants and needs. In finding this balance, leadership has to employ active listening as a key tool to create a sense of balance to attain greater harmony in these two potential competing narratives. 

As we dig further into the toolkit for leadership the most fundamental concept in facing these challenging times is the ability to define a sense of meaning through the chaos and understand the importance of success. Leadership has to set the tone as far as meaning-making is concerned and help navigate the organization through these rough stages to find their new definition of what success means to the organization. Yet, as the eminent psychoanalyst and neurologist Viktor Frankl stated “Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself.”

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is the power of the collective that will define our future. As we continue to go through this post-pandemic world corporate leaders must reassess their needs and see the collective responsibility as paramount to defining a new pathway to success. As the Disability Narrative often echoes it is the ability to uncover strength through the lens of weakness. Corporate leaders must begin to seize this moment of the new normal to redefine how they identify success across the corporate terrain and build the business of tomorrow.

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