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Six Leadership Tips for the New Normal

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Six Leadership Tips for the New Normal

Listening and understanding are of paramount importance.

People will appreciate knowing that you can see and understand things from their point of view. Effective leaders are empathetic. Leaders, at times, have to make tougher decisions, but making hard decisions without empathy is not a good recipe. People will be more accepting and considerate if they feel that you are demonstrating genuine compassion and understanding.


People like to know where they stand, and operating in an open, honest, and transparent nature is going to be more critical. You may find that open and honest leadership can often lead to people all facing and pulling in the same direction. In many cases, once people know the situation, you may be surprised to find new suggestions and improvement areas become discovered. 

People want to focus on work that interests them, that inspires them, that they feel passionate about doing. If you can align people with the areas of responsibility they want to do and are passionate about, it is amazing how beneficial this can be to an organisation. People rarely wish to clock in and clock out or go through the motions for the next paycheck. Consider inspiring job titles, project alignments, areas of responsibility, and take the time to discuss this is a collaborative way. 

Share the Big Vision

As a leader, the responsibility falls to you to help create and share the vision. Visions come in all shapes and sizes. What success looks like with one company is often very different from the next. Encourage your people to be part of the bigger picture and importantly to get involved in the vision. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist in the minds of the people who can help.

Be Creative

Leaders encourage creativity. They help to foster new ways of thinking, better ways of doing things and are open to new ways of thinking. Often leaders maintain the status quo and then find themselves slipping into a more managerial position. There is a difference between a leader and a manager. 

Demonstrate Leadership

In tough times, leaders who demonstrate leadership can make a significant difference. Demonstrating leadership traits can help to inspire, motivate, and improve your company to rally behind the plan, strategy, and requirements that lead to success. Leadership traits can include trustworthiness, decisiveness, creativity, competency, intelligence, and people skills!

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