I was discussing leadership and the power of stories with a good friend and colleague last week.

Over the time of my career, I have studied a number of successful organisations, known for customer service excellence.

Brands such as Apple, Virgin, Starbucks and Southwest Airlines all have a common thread – a clear purpose, a strong leader and powerful stories.

In some cases, these stories have become myths & legends, lasting beyond the tenure of the leader and even beyond their lifetime.

When I recall my time at Selfridges in 2000, the successful transformation from the tired department store in the nineties to the experience it is today is in part due to the resurrection of Gordon Selfridges’ stories.

Interestingly, Seth Godin has also written recently about the power of stories for brands: http://ow.ly/5Q9Dq

You only have to stop and consider how our attention is captured when we hear the words “are you sitting comfortably, then I’ll begin“.

From an early age, we learn that stories are fun, exciting and inspiring.

Who wouldn’t want to follow a leader who was a great story teller?