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How Things Were Done Around Here!

Changing "the way things are done around here" can take time. There is no easy fix and the legacy of a past culture often has a tight hold long after it has been changed. There is a great story, based on a real study carried out in the early sixties, that illustrates...

Why Intentional Behaviour Will Lead To Your Marginal Gains

For over twelve years, I've been helping leaders reflect and adopt intentional behaviour, identifying the small changes that will have the biggest impact on their success. It's still something that does not come easily to many people, as we all get caught up in the...

Attitude Is Everything, Choose Yours Wisely!

Have you ever heard the phrase, attitude breeds attitude? Over the last twelve years, as I've been coaching and running leadership development programmes, countless people have asked me: "how do I change someone's attitude?". Invariably, this has led into a deeper,...

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