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How Things Were Done Around Here!

Changing "the way things are done around here" can take time. There is no easy fix and the legacy of a past culture often has a tight hold long after it has been changed. There is a great story, based on a real study carried out in the early sixties, that illustrates...

The Ten Things You Need To Know To Lead Change Effectively

Take a look at these ten things needed to lead change, to help you and your people navigate the turbulent waters of this VUCA World!

What Does Peeling Bananas Have To Do With Peak Performance?

There are always new and better ways to take you beyond the mediocre of ‘okay‘ and reach peak performance. You simply haven’t noticed them…yet.

Do Your Employees Really Need A Manager?

Can you imagine a world where people don't need a manager? Embracing leadership and devolving it to the employee, allowing them to manage themselves, seems a very 21st Century way. But, can people really manage themselves? Without a Manager...really? I've come...