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Why Brand Identity Is More Important Than Vision

Are you focussed on a vision, a destination you want to reach? Or, is it more about the journey for you? Sometimes it's the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.Drake Recently, I've been working with two different senior teams from separate...

How Storytelling Can Help Solve Your Problems

I love stories and storytelling! There is no stronger memory from my childhood than settling down at bed time and listening to my father tell me a story.  I guess like most dads, he'd bring the story to life with such energy and passion, always finding the right voice...

Creative Problem Solving the Right Way!

To be better at creative problem solving, imagine an unnamed person facing the situation rather than you! Sometime ago, I came across an interesting piece of research carried out by Polman and Emich that demonstrates people are better at creative problem solving when...

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