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Three Simple Ways To Show Your Appreciation

Showing your appreciation for a job well done should not be underestimated. When was the last time you said "thank you" and showed your appreciation for work that has been carried out by members of your team? We all know that recognition and appreciation are way up...

Don't Hold Back On Giving or Receiving Feedback

Which do you consider to be more important, giving or receiving feedback? I'd like to invite you to take part in a short exercise. Are you sitting at a table? Get yourself comfortable...are you ready? Good. Now, I'd like you to hold both of your hands over the table,...

Making Decisions With Your Head, Heart and Gut!

When faced with making decisions, do you find yourself torn between your head and your heart? And how about your gut feeling, how often does your head and heart wrestle with that? If this is a familiar experience for you when making decisions, then here is something...

4 Stages of Receiving Feedback: The Emotional Rollercoaster!

Whether you’re giving or receiving feedback, it’s useful to bear in mind the following stages of the emotional rollercoaster people can go on.