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How Motivation Bias Can Help You Influence More Effectively

Not everyone has the motivation to achieve, to move towards a goal. Some would rather avoid pain far more than gain pleasure! Let's take a closer look at motivation. All human behaviour is centred around gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. You go out for a nice meal...

Come To Your Senses And Simply Make Change Happen!

What you say, and how you say it, will inform other people about how you think. But, here's what a lot of people don't informs the way you think, too. So, if you want to make change happen in your life, then come to your senses for help! If you're a regular...

Influence Team Direction: Become a Purposeful Communicator

You cannot NOT influence people. Think about it for a moment. That’s is an interesting concept, eh? Even if you don’t say anything, that still speaks volumes. It’s not only what you say to your team that will influence them. It’s...

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