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What Does Peeling Bananas Have To Do With Peak Performance?

There are always new and better ways to take you beyond the mediocre of ‘okay‘ and reach peak performance. You simply haven’t noticed them…yet.

Why Businesses Use Coaching To Improve Performance!

Over the last ten years, organisations have increasingly and successfully used coaching to improve performance. Indeed, coaching has been proven to support improved personal, team and business performance, often as a key part of an organisation's leadership programme....

Why Intentional Behaviour Will Lead To Your Marginal Gains

For over twelve years, I've been helping leaders reflect and adopt intentional behaviour, identifying the small changes that will have the biggest impact on their success. It's still something that does not come easily to many people, as we all get caught up in the...

Banish The Average, Let Them Be Exceptional!

Truly great leaders know that to be exceptional they need to hire exceptional people - then get out of their way! Successful businesses are based on having the very best people. The same thing can be said for all of the the top sports teams in the world. After all, if...