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Purpose: Great Leaders Start With WHY To Enable Others To Act!

Many people have yet to figure out their purpose – and it’s holding them back! Ever wondered what sets great leaders apart from the rest?

4 Ways To Be A Conscious Leader

It requires some thought to be a conscious leader. But, is being a leader really worth the time and effort? This is the question that many leaders ask themselves in quiet moments, often in the middle of the night! On the plus side, leadership provides the opportunity...

5 Tips For Communicating Your Vision

As leader, it's your job to communicate a compelling vision to engage and mobilise others. Defining purpose and helping bring clarity to a vision is a critical part of any leader's role, whether this be for the organisation as a whole, the department or team. But, how...

Why Having A Business Vision Will Change Your Life

Being clear on your business vision, the end game or destination, allows you to formulate plans to get to where you want to go. Knowing the outcome you want to achieve can also help keep you on course: "Does doing this really help move me towards my goal?""Or am I...

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