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self-awareness Articles

Self-Awareness: Writing Your Own Credo Memo

One of the benefits of coaching is raising a leader’s self-awareness. Here is a simple exercise to help you get to know yourself better.

Six Ways To Practice Conscious Leadership

It could be said that many leaders are unconsciously incompetent when it comes to leading! Anyone with experience in training will have heard of the Four Stages of Competence, or the Conscious Competence" learning model. This relates to the psychological states...

Why Intentional Behaviour Will Lead To Your Marginal Gains

For over twelve years, I've been helping leaders reflect and adopt intentional behaviour, identifying the small changes that will have the biggest impact on their success. It's still something that does not come easily to many people, as we all get caught up in the...

Learn The Two Simplest Ways To Influence Others

How do you know when you've done a great job...and how can you use this to influence others? When asked this question, people will normally fall into one of two camps: External Frame Of Reference In the first, people know that they've done a great job because the...