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How Storytelling Can Help Solve Your Problems

I love stories and storytelling! There is no stronger memory from my childhood than settling down at bed time and listening to my father tell me a story.  I guess like most dads, he'd bring the story to life with such energy and passion, always finding the right voice...

Why Leaders Need To Be Unconventional Thinkers

Leaders in organisations today need to be Unconventional Thinkers, possibly more than ever before. Leaders who shape new ways of working in the 21st Century

Good Leadership Requires Courage

Great Leadership Requires Courage – leadership orientates toward safety rather than adventure, helping to explain the challenges leaders constantly face.

How To Influence – Change Your Shape!

Changing your shape can increase your influence. Anyone who regularly reads this blog will recognise my interest in how people influence, specifically the impact we have on others with our language and non-verbal behaviour. I am fascinated by this whole topic, as most...