The way that you look and act has an impact on how you are perceived and treated by others.

Like it or loathe it, we are in a looks dominated society. So, as a leader, it is important to focus on the image that you would like to portray. Madeleine Albright once said:
“We live in an image society. Speeches are not what anybody cares about; what they care about is the picture.”
Write down the image that you would like to project to others, by the way that you dress, act, grooming etc.

Then, imagine you are a member of your peer group at work answering questions about you! Answer the following as that person:
  • Does he / she command respect and authority?
  • What image does he / she portray?
  • Does he / she come across as confident?
  • Does he / she come across as credible? 
Feel free to add further questions that will specifically test the image you want to portray!
I’d also invite you to be brave and actually ask some of your peers and friends these questions as well.
After all of that, I’d like you to write down any specific actions that you need to take to bridge the gap between the image that you want to portray and the image that others currently have of you. Then…take that action.