There are many leadership style models out there. Each has merit and helps us to understand our preference or bias to most situations and signposts us to those ones that we don’t exercise so often!
These also define an organisation’s leadership, the style that has evolved to be the norm as part of the culture, ‘the way we do things around here‘.
Take a moment to consider the style of leadership that your organisation is known for. Has it been defined, communicated across the organisation and consistently observed by all the leaders? If not, what led to your assumption that this is the leadership brand for your organisation?
Now ask yourself this: how adaptable is your organisation’s style, defined or assumed, to meet the demands of a continually changing business environment?
For, if it keeps to the same style no matter what the situation, is slow to respond in an appropriate way or people simply believe it to be stuck in one mode, this will have adverse affects on performance.