When leading, it is vital to understand what makes others tick and their preferred styles of learning.
Think of a time when you have had to assemble a wardrobe or set up a new piece of equipment – how did you do it?

Did you:
  • go full steam ahead, ignore the instructions and go for it? Or…
  • did you take your time and read the instructions and go about it in a methodical manner?
Think of the times when you learn the most from an experience – is it:
  • when you sit listening to someone explain the theory? Or…
  • when you play with the concepts and discover for yourself?
Of course, we all have different preferred ways of learning.
But do you know the preferred learning style of each member in your team? Do some of them like to sit back and evaluate things before making a decision? Or perhaps some prefer to roll their sleeves up and get on with it?
A call to action for you…
Think about the members of your team and what their preferred learning styles may be. Then ask yourself: “am I making the most out of them?