When did we stop challenging the limits placed on us by other people?

I am running a customer experience programme for a shared service centre and towards the end of each workshop I ask each delegate to write on a postcard up to three things they would do as a result of the day.

I am a third of the way through the programme and after twenty workshops I’ve only had one person write more than three commitments!

So, when did we stop pushing the boundaries? What has shaped us to accept the limits or targets set by other people?

You only have to witness small children to know we aren’t born this way. After all, they’re continually pushing the boundaries for what they can do!

Yet somehow, as we grow up, we seem to ‘learn’ to work within the limits placed upon us, and these restrict what we are truly capable of.

Perhaps peer pressure plays a part, the need up conform. Or a maybe it’s a confidence thing.

Whatever the reason, the first step is to notice the limitations you work within. Then it can be a small step to break out and go further than you’ve dared to go.

Or at least dared to go since you were five years old!