“The business environment is continually changing
and a leader must respond in kind”

Not everyone manages and leads in the same way.

There are no right or wrong managerial styles. You will have a preferred style that you use most often.

Of course every situation will demand a different approach and style! For example, if you hear a fire alarm you will not make a committee decision as to what to do! Instead you will use a more direct approach – “Let’s get out of here NOW!

According to Daniel Goleman, there are 6 main managerial styles:

  1. Coercive – the DO as I say manager
  2. Authoritative -the FIRM but fair manager
  3. Affiliative – the manager who likes to keep HARMONY in the team
  4. Democratic – seeks CONSENSUS before making decision
  5. Pacesetting – the FOLLOW ME I’ll show you manager
  6. Coaching – approach based upon the PROFESSIONAL growth of employees

Goleman asserts that leaders who master four or more styles, especially the Authoritative, Democratic, Affiliative and Coaching styles, will create the best working climate and achieve the best business performance.

I’m not intending to go into the ins and outs of each of these styles at this time, but simply invite you to start to notice the managers you come into contact with on a regular basis and categorise them into these 6 styles. Then say to yourself:

  • How can I get the best out of this person now that I’ve noticed how he / she likes to manage?
  • How can I communicate more effectively with them?