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Results oriented team coaching, going beyond current abilities by sharing experience, encouraging creative thinking and raising interpersonal awareness.

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Leadership Lite provides coaching, workshops and digital resources to leaders who want to make a positive difference.

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"Kevin made me think differently about how I think...and in doing so helped me become a better and more effective leader, and drive better results."

— Mark Carson, Primark

"Kevin led me through a tailored one to one programme of coaching that caused me to understand who I am and what is important to me, and to translate that into practical and simple strategies and tactics to apply them to my executive leadership role."

— Richard Holmes, Wallscourt Foundation

"Kevin was my executive personal coach for a number of sessions. He is a really good listener, but stretched me and challenged my thinking."

— Karen Booker, Claire’s

"He made me think of things very differently, and to understand the different techniques of how to deal with different people (things I wouldn't have got from a book). To this day, I still refer to the notes I made in our sessions."

– Alex Wilson, Samsonite